Green Paper / CO<sub>2</sub> Neutral

Carbon-neutral: Think further then giving someone a present.

Disegno strives to plan structures, supplier and production processes in a way that CO2 is not even generated, if possible. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided 100%.

This is why Disegno decided in 2007 to compensate CO2, that is still generated despite all attempts during the multilevel production process, with the help of Prima Klima e. V.. All our CO2 emissions are added up and compensated by us by means of reforestation. The new trees planted as a balance absorb even more CO2 every year than Disegno produces in its office, with its cars, pulp and paper production, print and logistic services and even with the transport to your shop... for the next 50 to 100 years, which is the entire lifespan of a tree. We always support reforestations that would not take place without PrimaKlima and our commitment.

Thus, we help to create real, new habitats for plants and animals on the long-run. It is agreed by contracts that these forests may not be harvested by anybody.

Apart from the great use as CO2 converters, forests also have other advantages:

  • They clean water and air free of charge.
  • They prevent soil erosion and store water.
  • They prevent drying out and flooding.
  • They provide habitat for plants and animals.
  • They provide for biodiversity.
  • They cool the air and serve as recreation area and much more.

This is how PrimaKlima works.

The first step is that 2,500 to 5,000 seedlings (30-100 cm) of local trees are cultivated per hectare. The trees grow for 25 to 40 years and are thinned out respectively during this time so that the result is a healthy mixed forest as it is common in Europe. After 100 years, there will be 300 to 500 huge trees per hectare then in the end.

Disegno has so far supported the following projects with Prima Klima:

2013/14 - Reforestation in Lativa
2011/12/15/16 - Reforestation in Nicaragua
2010 - Reforestation on Eastern Cape – South Africa
2009 - Reforestation in Hirschstein/Saxony – Germany
2008 - Reforestation in Sabah/Borneo – Malaysia

Avoid CO2 with modern structures.

Disegno gives many employees the possibility to work from their Home Office, which is a great opportunity for active mums and dads to combine both job and family. Another offer from which the environment benefits:

  • A smaller office requires less heating costs.
  • No drives from or to work.

Moreover, Disegno does not have a conventional sales force that would be on the roads for a good few 10,000 kilometres every year. Thus we save money that we rather invest in an excellent, multi-lingual sales and customer service via phone/internet/fax.