Green Paper

Green Paper: Indication of our responsible in exposure to nature.

It goes without saying for us that an economizing, which reduces impacts on our environment, is part of a high-quality gift wrap paper.

This philosophy has influenced many decisions so far: from the use of sustainably cultivated raw materials (FSC / PEFC), the choice of an independent provider of ecological electricity to the compensation of the produced CO2 culminating in a packaging-oriented shipping service. Even our crimpable gift wrap ribbon is available in cotton so that it can be recycled together with our gift wrap paper.

Our Green Paper Logo: Set a self-confident signal.

The way how companies deal with nature is not business of the respective company alone anymore. More and more consumers pay attention to how products are manufactured. Studies show that it is often higher income earners, who are particularly sensitive when it comes to that.

You can also support sustainable economizing with your buying decision. In order that you can communicate your commitment as a Disgeno customer to your own customers, we have developed the Green Paper logo. As a specialized trade, you get a free of charge banner for your website and a sticker for your cash area.