Über uns / Wer ist Disegno

Disegno: A dream of gift wrap paper.

When Disegno was founded in 1998 we had the vision of a gift wrap paper that achieves much more than just to wrap presents in an appealing way. Our intention was to create gift wrap paper that gives pleasure to both the speciality retailer and its customers. Apart from that we wanted the quality of our gift wrap paper to stand everyday life and to not tear at even the smallest carelessness. We wanted so special themes that children want to tinker with it after unwrapping their presents instead of just tossing them carelessly. And last but not least, our goal was to provide a paper that is produced as environmentally friendly and green as possible. Short: we wanted a gift wrap paper that becomes the identification mark for the specialized trade, its employees and customers. 

Our dream of this gift wrap paper became a reality. Nowadays, many presents are wrapped in Disegno gift wrap paper – and people all around the world are happy when they get a present which is wrapped that nicely.

The enthusiasm of the presentees and, of course, also of the speciality retailers and employees definitely shows us that we are on the right way:

  • Disegno is nowadays market leader for sophisticated gift wrap paper for children and teenagers.
  • Disegno gift packaging is successfully used 1000-fold.
  • Disegno supplies customers on 5 continents in more than 40 countries.

By the way...
the name Disegno (spoken „Di-ssenjo“) is Italian (disegnare) and means "drawing, designing". Later, the meaning was extended by the terms “idea, industrial production”. In Australia, "disegno" is considered a synonym for “top-quality industrial production”.