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Read the following lines and see our film to get to know how to make your business even more successful with Disegno gift wrapping paper and carrying bags and which benefits there are for your specialized store, your customers and the environment.

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Daniel Wiechert
Managing Director

Disegno is exactly the right partner for you …

  • … if you relate to gift wrapping paper as a significant investment for the public image of your specialized shop.
    • Disegno gift wrapping paper becomes your brand mark!
      For your Disegno motive is available as everything you need for wrapping gifts: gift wrapping paper, carrying bags, gift bags, gift certificates and much more. Gift wrapping thus becomes a brand mark for your good specialized shop - and it won't take long until everybody can tell from the paper, where the beautiful gifts come from.
    • Disegno gift wrapping paper becomes your most successful business card.
      Disegno gift wrapping paper visually plays your good specialist counseling to the gallery. Add your company logo to increase your public image even more. This will perfectly get you into the door anywhere, anytime.
  • … if "off-the-shelf gift wrapping paper" does not match the self-image of your specialized shop.
    • Disegno gift wrapping paper provides a great marketing effect.
      Our extraordinary and distinctive motives are developed by successful designers and will become a popular feature for your specialized shop.
    • Disegno gift wrap paper complements the shopping experience.
      Valuable packaging shows your appreciation and increases customer satisfaction. As a result, presentees will join you as new customers at some stage.
    • Wrapping gifts becomes fun again with Disegno gift wrapping paper.
      Our tear-proof premium kraft paper offers benefits for your employees as well. The right paper weight allows for smooth wrapping without tears and provides more fun at the packing table!
  • … if you are looking for environmentally friendly gift wrapping paper that does not compromise.
    • Disegno takes care of correct production.
      The raw materials for our kraft paper are exclusively originating from sustainable forestry ( FSC / PEFC ) in Western Europe. Our printing inks are food safe and our printer shop has a closed production cycle for the prevention of water pollution.
    • Disegno products are CO2 - neutral.
      Thanks to green electricity, a freight-optimized order management, short supply chains and the use of sustainable raw materials, we managed to reduce our CO2-emissions to a minimum level.. The remaining CO2-emissions are compensated by afforestation projects in cooperation with PrimaKlima e. V..
    • Show commitment by using Green-Paper.
      The "Green Paper" seal stands for our activities in environmental and climate protection. It can be used free of charge for marketing purposes on the one hand, but also to show your customers that you are wrapping gifts with "Green Paper" - environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral. The seal is available as a sticker for your cash point and as a banner for your website.
  • … if you would like to plan your material requirements on short notice.
    • Order whenever you like.
      Use our website to order 24/7. Our intelligent shop system automatically advices you regarding discounts and freight optimization. In addition to that, you can also reach our call centre from Mon. thru Fri. from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. to place your orders with one of your agents personally.
    • Speed is our strength.
      Each order we receive until 12 o'clock and which we have on stock leaves our warehouse at the very same day - including shipping confirmation to your email address. Our delivery times are 1-2 days within Germany and 2-5 days within Europe.
    • Internationally experienced.
      Disegno supplies specialized dealers in more than 40 countries. You can place your order by phone or email in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

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