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Gift wrap for Babies

In this category, you’ll find everything you need for your specialized trade to wrap gifts for BABIES.

Use our lovely gift wrap for babies to wrap distinctive presents for your customers. Perfect for birthday presents, baptisms, baby's 1st birthday and for occasions with beautiful presents.

Gift wrap, paper shopping bags and gift bags … everything matches

Ever Disegno motive is available as: Gift wrap paper rolls (Secare roll), paper shopping bags, gift bags, certificates and much more. Everything matches and will soon be a distinctive brand mark for your specialized trade.

In addition to that, we also provide important accessories: gift wrap dispensers, gift wrap ribbon made of cotton, packing tables, company logo prints and much more.

Disegno gift wrap is available for…

Disegno gift wrap, shopping bags, gift bags, etc. are available for: specialized toy trades, specialized shops for children’s clothing, specialized trades for children’s books and specialized trades for babies.

As a specialist dealer you can just visit our Online Shop to order.