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Comic || 38 Gift wrap paper Comic NEW
Christmas market || 36 Gift wrap paper Christmas market NEW
Time to read || 35 Giftwrap Time to read
Grimms Fairy Tales || 34 Gift wrap paper Grimms Fairy Tales
Time of knights || 33 Time of knights
Birds || 23 Birds
Reading Owls || 30 Reading Owls
Yuletide || 31 Yuletide
Wildlife / Safari || 32 Wildlife / Safari
City || 28 City
Blue Ocean || 26 Blue Ocean
Jungle || 17 Jungle

Gift wrap paper for children and teenagers

In this category, you’ll find everything you need for your specialized trade to wrap gifts for CHILDREN & TEENAGERS.

Our lovely motives are designed like picture books and encourage children's fantasy and creativity. No matter if for cool kids (CITY motive), adventuresome youngsters at heart (JUNGLE motive) or for those who love to read (READING OWLS motive) – we have the tight motive for everybody.

Disegno provides gift wrap paper for all year round

Our distinctive gift wrap paper for children and teenagers can be used all year round and are just perfect for children’s birthdays, name days, beginning of term as well as for Easter, St. Nicholas’ Day, for the Advent calendar, Christmas and for all other occasions in between.

Each Disegno motive is available as: gift wrap paper rolls (Secare rolls), paper shopping bags and paper gift bags, gift certificates and much more. Everything matches and provides recognition for your specialized trade. Soon, everybody will be able to tell from the gift wrap paper where the beautiful gifts come from.

Disegno gift wraps provide recognition

Our extraordinary and distinctive motives are developed by successful designers and will become a popular feature for your specialized shop. Valuable packaging shows your appreciation and increases customer satisfaction. As a result, presentees will join you as new customers at some stage.

Disegno gift wrap paper, shopping bags, gift bags, etc. provide recognition for: specialized toy trades, specialized shops for children’s clothing, specialized trades for children’s books, specialized trades for babies, book trade, gift shops, giftware shops, arts and crafts shops, floristry, organic supermarkets, specialized trade for organic cosmetics, zoos, museums and galleries.

As a specialist dealer you can just visit our Online Shop to order. The intelligent shop system automatically advices you regarding discounts and freight optimization and shows you which gift wrap is available and can be delivered. In addition to that, we also provide important accessories such as gift wrap ribbon, dispensers, packing tables, etc.